Cyril Firestorm

Governor Cyril Firestorm is the Governor of The Outlands who reigns from Karak.

Knowledge Checks

14 local: Cyril Firestorm is the governor of the Outlands, and is thus more or less the autocratic head of state. His relations with the dwarves have been bad for about 200 years. There is neither peace nor any declared ceasefire.

14 religion: Though Head of State, Firestorm and his secular government hold no authority over Church matters, nor can he issue commands that contradict a cleric’s mission. The Church is a powerful institution that exerts about as much sway as the government.

22 nobility/royalty: Firestorm is known to be a fickle ruler whose servants fear him more than anything else. His most trusted, successful servants, such as the Three Generals, are able to command without any regular oversight, though they all fear what might happen should the Governor learn of any mistakes. Firestorm’s temper and his enduring hatreds have seen his every enemy perish terrible (as the dwarves now are)

11 history: Firestorm has held the Outlands for all living memory. He burned the forests and routed the dwarves.

Cyril Firestorm

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